Action Plan

What is an Action Plan?

Our Australian Climate Change Education Action Plan will focus our ideas about what is currently happening, what we need to happen, and what we need to make that happen! This action plan will be endorsed at our Climate Change Education Summit on Friday, 18th October 2024, and then delivered to Parliament for actioning!

We will collect ideas from Australians about their current climate change education practices and what they need to develop these further. This data will be collected via an online survey Please take 10 minutes to add your voice, and share with your networks.

Once we have this data we will draft an action plan and start to negotiate across our communities by sharing the draft on this site and asking your thoughts and advice to improve it.

Please assist us to make this plan useful – this is our opportunity to tell our leaders what we need with regard to climate change education.

How will we produce an Action Plan?

We invite you to complete this online, anonymous, voluntary survey This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (reference number: HAE-23-139).

You can also us this QR code to get to the survey.

The data collected will inform the action plan. We are not sure what it will look like until we start working with the data that you generate.

Once we have a draft we will ask you for your thoughts about it and we will continue to draft the plan until we are convinced we have it right.

At the CCE Summit, on Friday, 18th October 2024, we will endorse the plan and send it on to Parliament for actioning.

How can you be involved?

Take this online, anonymous, voluntary survey by following this link.

Come back to this site throughout 2024, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on our Socials, to respond to the call outs for advice and feedback on the draft Action Plan.